About Bureau F.

There might be a demand for clickable content and quick conclusions. Sure. However, in my work as a novelist and within the framework of the bureau I try to love questions as if they were, in the words of Rilke, »locked rooms or books in a foreign language«. Irritating, yet necessary for a better understanding and further exploration.

For every project I work mostly with friends of different generations and backgrounds, from photographers, cooks, writers, designers, carpenters, artists to architects. Beyond disciplines and continents. From Dahn to Mexico City or Windhoek. For publishing houses like Der Spiegel, Süddeutsche Zeitung or international magazines like Architectural Review, cultural institutions or foundations. My work include texts, concepts, photo essays or graphic design. Everything that starts with a word or image and carrys within the possibility of creating a story that inspires and re-enchants.

I write for a 'climate change within the mind'. This involves establishing a framework of earth-centred thinking that seeks to sentipensar (think - feel) with the earth and all beings as social assemblages and to question everything that colonises the world as a dominant force.

Where is Bureau F? Where monologue ends and conversation begins. 
Let’s meet there.