Climate change through sensitivity

Climate change through sensitivity. I am immensely grateful to have been able to contribute an essay for the new edition of the CULTURESCAPES festival alongside such inspiring voices as Brazilian writer Ailton Krenak or human rights activist Alessandra Korap Munduruku. The text is about how Western, rational thinking prevents a compassionate relationship with the world and how we could conversely learn to form an ecology of reciprocity from the wisdom traditions of local communities.

CULTURESCAPES is a multidisciplinary festival that aspires to promote cross-border dialogue and mutual learning between cultures, as well as cooperation and networking. Since 2003, the festival focuses on the cultural landscape of a country or a region.

In 2021, CULTURESCAPES Amazonia aims to provide access points to this critical ecological and social space, raising awareness about the threat posed to the Amazon by climate change, as well as about the importance of indigenous cultures and global social responsibility.